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We design and install energy efficient and environmentally sound solutions

With over 85 employees, based in five loca- tions around Sweden and our headquarters in Sandviken, we provide comprehensive solu- tions performed by highly trained personnel. Since its establishment in 2001, TST Gruppen has grown steadily. This means that we are now capable of provi- ding comprehensive services within electrical and telecommunication installations, which also includes IT installation services, cable TV, security alarms and automation. We also provide installation and servicing for commercial kitchen appliances. Our tech- nicians optimize project implementation at all stages and our focus is on energy efficiency and providing climate smart solutions.


Electrical service & installation

Industry / Automation

Alarms & Security systems

IT installations & fiber

Power installations

Commercial kitchen appliances


High customer demands do not only require commitment and continuous improvement. We believe in sustainable business and keeping our employees safe in their work environment. We also believe in maintaining and improving the environment around us in the best way possible. Therefore, we have made sure that:

  • Our employees are regularly trained to handle all quality and environmental issues within our business.
  • Our employees have all the necessary knowledge regarding environmental legislation within our operating areas and can fulfill our commitments.
  • We regularly perform internal quality audits to identify and eliminate any inadequacies within our work.
  • We set, measure and regularly follow up our quality and environmental objectives. This helps us to further develop our Quality Environment Health and Security-management.
  • We work to ensure our suppliers meet our environmental and quality requirements.
  • Our business partners and customers are offered environmentally sound and energy efficient solutions within all our operating areas.
  • We proactively assess all projects to reduce the risk for environmental impact and accidents.
  • We always work with standard checklists, models and routines.

* EIO-Q Management System is a customized quality and environment management system, based on the requirement specification for installers, which in turn is based on ISO 9001, * We regularly perform internal quality audits to identify and eliminate any inadequacies within our work. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


We have many satisfied customers. You will find them among local authorities, industry and the energy sector.


Want to know more about our services or request a quote? Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. You can find your closest office below.

Idrottsvägen 8
811 32 Sandviken
Phone: +4626 - 21 44 45

Hagavägen 76
784 40 Borlänge
Phone: +46243 100 99

Ersbogatan 18
805 91 Gävle
Phone: +4626 - 21 44 45

Vallagatan 3
771 53 Ludvika
Phone: +46240 - 841 40

Västermalmsvägen 11 B
791 77 Falun
Phone: +4623 - 100 99

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